Teaming up for sea turtles

Wonderful Giving helps the Yepez Foundation preserve and protect sea turtles and more

Of the seven species of sea turtles in the world, five lay their eggs on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. The Yepez Foundation (Fundación Yepez) is determined it stays that way.

Since sea turtles always return to nest in the same place where they hatched, those beaches are critically important. Yet those same beaches are under major distress.

Garbage, deforestation, and environmental ignorance are among the biggest threats to the planet’s sea turtle population. By conducting several targeted conservational programs, the Yepez Foundation is doing something about it – and making a real impact.

In 2015, its beach, located just north of Veracruz, Mexico, and home to untold generations of sea turtles, was certified as a Blue Flag beach, an international eco-label. The foundation’s beach cleanups, reforestation, conservation, and especially environmental education efforts are effective but require care, time, and a whole lot of volunteers.

Wonderful Citrus Mexico employees have supported the Yepez Foundation since 2018 through our Wonderful Giving initiative, particularly those located at Gulf Region, where the Yepez Foundation is located.

Their (Wonderful Citrus) actions have had a major impact on the preservation of the ecological balance in the Gulf of Mexico.

Richard Yepes

General Director of the Yepez Foundation

Since 2021, Wonderful Citrus employees have volunteered their time to be Wonderful Neighbors and help the cause. In 2023 alone, they relocated 700 endemic fruit tree saplings, helping create a barrier to protect the beach from garbage while providing predators an alternate food source. They also fenced a designated hatching area, then sewed and installed its shade mesh, and through the Wonderful Giving program, Wonderful Citrus employees have donated over $27,000 to the Foundation.  

The Yepez Foundation’s work isn’t limited to just sea turtles. It also protects blue crab, crocodiles, and other regional wildlife, as well as the beaches and mangroves they are part of. At Wonderful Citrus Mexico, we’re proud of our continued partnership and look forward to many more years – and sea turtles – to come.

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